Wherein Sammy Plays with Alligators

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Back when Kylie was a few months old, we took a picture of her with an alligator for her room.


Kylie Marie at two months old (!?! Do you realize she'll be two in a few months! Holy Criminey that went fast.)

So, in the interest of symmetry, we (and by we, I mean the amazing Kyle) did a similar photo shoot with Mr. Sam.


Sam at three months. (Yeah, we were a little busier this time around. If necessary, we'll average and tell everybody the pictures were taken when the kids were two and a half months. That should work, right?)

I love my babies.

Wherein Sammy Smiles

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October 16, 2008

Wherein We Celebrate Daddy's Birthday

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One of the nice things about living in San Antonio, is that even in October, the weather is pretty nice. Kyle's birthday is on October 13 and to celebrate, we had an adventure at the zoo. Kylie had a blast -- a place where she can shriek and run around and no one objects! A child's paradise.

We did have a bit of a scare where it appeared that Kyle had lost his wallet (nothing like the thought of replacing all your credit cards to put a damper on the day!) but all turned out well when we found in in the parking lot by the car's trunk. So we went back into the zoo, only to run into the Spencers! So Kylie and Tara got to have fun together and, all in all, the day was a success. Go Mommy for organizing everything!

(And here's a thank-you to Nana for watching Kylie and Sammy later that night when Kyle and I went out to eat at the Melting Pot Considering that my children do not like sleeping, it was a more arduous task than she expected. But what do you expect from a family of vampires?)


Starting off the day, well-prepared! (Though we did end up going back to the car to leave a few things behind.)


Mommy and Kylie and random fake fossils.


Kylie, Running.


Kylie and Daddy, with Alligator in the background


This was taken at Kylie Marie's favorite exhibit, which is partly underwater, so everything appears kinda blue. It was very cool.


My Beautiful Girl


One of the other neat things about the San Antonio Zoo is their petting zoo. They have the most darling miniature goats. Though Kylie was more interested in the brushes than in the actual animals at least to start with.


But once she go the idea, I think she thought they were kinda cool. Though Mommy insisted on using a ton of wipes afterwords.

It was a wonderful day. Sorry it took me two months to blog about it!

Wherein Kylie and Sammy Pose in Honor of Daddy

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One thing Kyle and I do is homemade cards for birthday and stuff. So for Kyle's birthday, my idea was to get a picture of the kids looking nice that I could use to make a card. I learned a few things from this experience.
One: children will always change their expression in that split second between when your finger descends on the shutter and the picture actually snaps.
Two: taking pictures of two children with no helpers is crazy-hard.
Three: my kids are cute enough that it all turned out all right anyways (and me taking about 50 shots helped also). Thank goodness <grin>

For those keeping track, these were taken October 10, 2008. Kylie is in her Sunday dress her Nana bought her, and Sammy is in his blessing outfit.


This is the picture I used for the card. Aren't they beautiful!


Kylie and Sam, sharing a moment. (Kylie is poking and Sam is enduring. Pretty typical, really <grin>.)


Trying to keep Kylie in one place was a bit of a challenge. That is one squirmy girl I have! I took this picture right before she dived off the couch, and spent the next fifteen minutes trying to keep her hands off of the camera.


My beautiful boy.

Wherein Kylie Drinks Her Bottle

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For those who are keeping track, these were taken about the middle of September.


Kylie loves her bottle. (Unfortunately, I think we missed the easy weaning period. <sigh> But we're down to two a day, one in the morning and one at night. Score!)


Daddy, please play with me.

Wherein Kylie and Sammy Play Together (Two Months Ago)

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<Insert numerous apologies about how I know I'm behind and I'm sorry I'm behind and I'm really trying hard not to be behind which I think is somehow contributing to the being behind in an "I really can't take my life anymore!" kind of way. Now back to the pictures. Thank you.>

Two months ago. Kylie is 17 months and Sam is 2 months.


Playing together! Though with adult supervision. Mommy thinking oh this is so cute, Kylie please don't kill your brother, adult supervision.


Big Yawn!


I took a photo of Sammy I liked and an online tutorial ('cause I'm geeky this way) and made a wallpaper for my computer. It's actually still up, which is a bit of a record for me, since I tend to change my pictures every few weeks. But I like this one.

Wherein We Visit the Past

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So I was going through my computer the other day (always a scary thing) and I found all these old pictures that I'd scanned in once upon a time. So I thought I'd share. Hopefully my siblings won't kill me <grin>


My maternal grandfather died about five years ago. He was an amazing wonderful man, who always thought I should marry an Idaho Farm Boy. Instead, I got Kyle. <grin> I think Grandpa would have approved.


My Dad and my brothers Daniel and David (Dan's in the middle). I think this is circa... let's see. It's when we were living in Holiday, and that was the year I was in fifth grade, and that would make it... Christmas of 1988? So twenty years ago... Wow. I feel old. Anyways, aren't they darling?


Now this was later. We're in the Avenues now, so I was probably somewhere between sixth and maybe eighth grade... Say early nineties and be done with it. The children are, in order, my sister Margaret, my cousin Elizabeth, my sister Elizabeth (yes, it got a little confusing sometimes while growing up <grin>), my brother David, and Me! Looking like I want to be back in bed. Yeah, I was probably in Junior High by that point. <laugh>


Me and my siblings! This was just after David came back from his mission. We went on one last vacation to Highlands, North Carolina (My Paternal Grandparents had a vacation home up there). It was wonderful and we had an amazing time. I'd forgotten how short my hair was -- though this does remind me why I don't usually post pictures of myself. Well, that and I'm usually the one taking the pictures. In order: Me, David, Margaret, Daniel, and Elizabeth.


And finally, we'll end with a current photo of Kyle and his children. I actually posted this picture already, but I was making it look artsy, and I really liked the way it came out. So there.<pbbbttthhh!>

Wherein We Play at Peter Piper Pizza

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So again, on the Weekend of Birthdays. After Jackie's birthday on Friday, Taylor had his eighth birthday on Saturday! We celebrated at Peter Piper Pizza (A little older version of Chuckee Cheese, with lots of arcade games that you play with tokens and win with tickets that can be traded in for dollar-store prizes.) Kylie's a little young for the games -- I think mostly she liked wandering around and just looking at all the people there.


The Birthday Boy! Taylor's a big Batman fan, and that was the theme of his decorations and cake. Luckily, that's pretty easy stuff to find right now <grin>. The joys of merchandising.


One of the rides there available for the little kids was a miniature carousel. Daddy walked beside Kylie to make sure she didn't fall off (it was rather high off the ground) while Mommy wielded the camera. Kylie started off a little apprehensive, but I think she was enjoying it towards the end.


Jackie on the carousel.


Another ride, this one a little train that went around the track. Notice the belt that was very necessary to keep Kylie from trying to ride standing on the front of the train. No fear, this girl.


Mr. Tate, doing a photo-op with Kermit.<grin>


Ah, the joys of baby-hood. If only I could nap when and where I pleased!


Even Kylie eventually winds down. Taking a juice break with Daddy.


Daddy and Son Bonding Moment.

Wherein Kylie Goes Swimming

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About two weeks ago, we had a weekend of Birthdays. First off was Jackie, who is Kylie's Aunt's Sister-In-Law's Daughter (Say that five times fast.) Jackie was turning... I think it was six? Anyways, we were invited to the Birthday Party at Jackie's house which has (drumroll, please) a gorgeous swimming pool! Kylie, it turns out, is part fish, and she had an absolute blast. Her only frustration was that her Daddy insisted on holding her and wouldn't let her drown herself. Poor baby <grin>.


Kylie Marie being beautiful in the water


Practicing the breast stroke


How high can she go!


Wandering around


Daddy mugging for the camera


So sad when it's time to go!

Wherein Daddy Plays With His Babies

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