Wherein We Visit the Past

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So I was going through my computer the other day (always a scary thing) and I found all these old pictures that I'd scanned in once upon a time. So I thought I'd share. Hopefully my siblings won't kill me <grin>


My maternal grandfather died about five years ago. He was an amazing wonderful man, who always thought I should marry an Idaho Farm Boy. Instead, I got Kyle. <grin> I think Grandpa would have approved.


My Dad and my brothers Daniel and David (Dan's in the middle). I think this is circa... let's see. It's when we were living in Holiday, and that was the year I was in fifth grade, and that would make it... Christmas of 1988? So twenty years ago... Wow. I feel old. Anyways, aren't they darling?


Now this was later. We're in the Avenues now, so I was probably somewhere between sixth and maybe eighth grade... Say early nineties and be done with it. The children are, in order, my sister Margaret, my cousin Elizabeth, my sister Elizabeth (yes, it got a little confusing sometimes while growing up <grin>), my brother David, and Me! Looking like I want to be back in bed. Yeah, I was probably in Junior High by that point. <laugh>


Me and my siblings! This was just after David came back from his mission. We went on one last vacation to Highlands, North Carolina (My Paternal Grandparents had a vacation home up there). It was wonderful and we had an amazing time. I'd forgotten how short my hair was -- though this does remind me why I don't usually post pictures of myself. Well, that and I'm usually the one taking the pictures. In order: Me, David, Margaret, Daniel, and Elizabeth.


And finally, we'll end with a current photo of Kyle and his children. I actually posted this picture already, but I was making it look artsy, and I really liked the way it came out. So there.<pbbbttthhh!>

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