Wherein We Play at Peter Piper Pizza

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So again, on the Weekend of Birthdays. After Jackie's birthday on Friday, Taylor had his eighth birthday on Saturday! We celebrated at Peter Piper Pizza (A little older version of Chuckee Cheese, with lots of arcade games that you play with tokens and win with tickets that can be traded in for dollar-store prizes.) Kylie's a little young for the games -- I think mostly she liked wandering around and just looking at all the people there.


The Birthday Boy! Taylor's a big Batman fan, and that was the theme of his decorations and cake. Luckily, that's pretty easy stuff to find right now <grin>. The joys of merchandising.


One of the rides there available for the little kids was a miniature carousel. Daddy walked beside Kylie to make sure she didn't fall off (it was rather high off the ground) while Mommy wielded the camera. Kylie started off a little apprehensive, but I think she was enjoying it towards the end.


Jackie on the carousel.


Another ride, this one a little train that went around the track. Notice the belt that was very necessary to keep Kylie from trying to ride standing on the front of the train. No fear, this girl.


Mr. Tate, doing a photo-op with Kermit.<grin>


Ah, the joys of baby-hood. If only I could nap when and where I pleased!


Even Kylie eventually winds down. Taking a juice break with Daddy.


Daddy and Son Bonding Moment.

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