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Wherein a Party was Attended

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Last Saturday, Kyle and I went to a Halloween part at our new ward. (They recently reorganized the wards in our local stake, and so we're in a brand new ward in a brand new building. It's very pretty.) Kyle and I dressed up like Harry and Ginny Potter and actually tied for coolest costumes with the family that all dressed up as punk-rockers. Personally, I think they were cooler, but I'm flattered nontheless.

We put Kylie in her Halloween outfit, partly because we want to make sure to get some good wear out of it , and partly because she just looks so darn cute!

We also were pulled aside by a member of the Bishopric and given a new calling. We're three for three! Kyle and I have been in three wards since we've been married, and we've called to be primary teachers in each ward! We must have "Can Deal With Kids" in our aura or something. This time we'll be with CTR 5 which is the 4 to 5 year olds. An "I'm Thankful for Blank" lesson, prayers, crayons, and some candy, and we should be good to go! <laugh>


And for inquiring minds who want to know... Yes, Kyle took a picture of Kylie and me and no, I'm not going to post it because yes, it's butt-ugly and yes, being in charge of posting pictures means I get to be unfair like that. Heh. <grin>

Wherein Kylie Marie Celebrates her First Halloween

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Note: In case anyone's interested, this is actually sized to be an 8x10. Not that I really think anyone prints these out, but if you were to, that's the size to print.

Actually, most of the pictures I put up are sized for 5x7. Would it be better to do 4x6? Does anyone have an opinion on this? Inquiring minds want to know!

Wherein Kylie Attacks the Alligator

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I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but Kylie's room has a definite theme. It's pink and green and covered in -- alligators. Yup, you read that right, my daughter goes to sleep at night lulled by long white pointed teeth.

But it totally works!

Though, until I remember to take some pictures and post them, you might have to just trust me on this.

Anyways, Nana made a comment once that she was worried about Kylie growing up with nightmares because of all these images of large predators in her room. I think these next pictures show that we don't have anything to fear.


"Come to me, little alligator. Nice little alligator..."


In case it's hard to distinguish, Kylie is actually chewing on the alligator's tongue. Well, what else would you expect from the daughter of an Evil Genius?

Wherein Kylie Nibbles on her Own Toes

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I'm always amazed by how flexible babies are. Kylie can do yoga positions that make me ache just to look at. And her feet seem to naturally be attracted towards her mouth. Like it's where they naturally belong.


Wherein Kat Bemoans Software

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I know it's been a long time since we've seen some new pictures on this blog. Sorry, sorry, sorry! It's all my fault. You see...

I was reading about how it's good to take pictures in raw format with digital cameras since it gives you more editing capability while still keeping the quality very high. (A good thing, because our pictures tend to come out kinda dark at first. Probably because we keep taking them when we're inside. Probably because we're always inside. Probably because we're actually a family of vampires. Bet you didn't know that, huh. <grin>) So I spend about two weeks taking pictures using the .nef format of our Nikon, ONLY TO FIND the photoshop version we had won't convert them. <pout> So, therein started a journey of installing new software, dealing with the fact that it's been about 5 years since I bought my computer and technology has marched on in the meantime, and basically having everything crash. A few times. <sigh>

Well, I'm back up now -- mostly -- and I can finally access those pictures I took! Much rejoicing all around and now I need to actually start posting them.

I also designed a webpage for Salon Io. Feel free to look and tell me what you think. (And if you see typos -- let me know! We actually had the website up for about a week before a client pointed out that I'd put in the phone number as (201) instead of (210). My bad!)

And last, but not least, here's Kylie sleeping in her favorite place -- her swing.


Wherein the Webcomic Girl Genius is Discussed

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So in my web ramblings, I recently came across my now favorite webcomic ever. It's called Girl Genius, a 'Gaslamp Fantasy' by Studio Foglio and I heart it all over the place. It has mad scientists and cute undead monsters and steampunk machinery and victorian lingerie, so how can you go wrong?

An interesting sidenote is that Studio Foglio is a husband and wife team who have been doing comics for a long time and are actually making a living out of it! They spent quite a few years producing actual comics (32 page quarterly version, which were compiled into graphic novels) with a circulation of about 8000 which, for an independent comic, is pretty amazing. They decided to go online about a year or two ago, offer all of the comics available for free, and then publish the compiled graphic novels once a year. They estimate that since they went online, their readership has increased to about 150,000 and they're selling about 5 times as much as they were before.

Basically, they're doing what Kyle and I want to do, just a few years ahead of us.

I do feel I should warn you that since Girl Genius has been going on for about 5 or 6 years now, there is a very large archive to get through. Or, for those of you who live in Utah, you can probably order the paper versions from the library since the library there is pretty good at keeping independent comics in the stacks. Or buy them and then send the copies to me! <laugh> Yeah, when it comes to stuff I love, I'm pretty shameless.


Kylie thinks you should read Girl Genius too! Spread the love, man, spread the love!

Wherein Daddy and Kylie Play Together

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