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Wherein Daddy Plays With His Babies

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Wherein Sammy Turns One Month Old

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On Friday, Sammy was one month old. It's amazing how fast time flies. In honor of the occasion, I took pictures. And look, I'm posting them sooner than one week! We'll pause for all the 'thuds' of people fainting in shock <grin>.


Sammy asleep. (If only I could convince him to do it as well at night...)


Kylie and Sammy sharing a moment.


Kylie getting ready for her eventual DJ career.


Rolling on the floor together


Sammy's close-up


Kylie practicing with her stroller.


Enjoying the day.

Wherein We Wave Goodbye to Grandma

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My mom (hitherto known as "Grandma") came to stay with us for about a week and half right after Sammy was born.

(Well, actually she came a few days before Sammy was born which allowed us to do a little shopping together. Last time, when Kylie was born, Kyle and my Mom went around to all the stores and all I did was sit in the hospital and later in bed at home. This time I wanted the chance to go around as well! I hope my Dad has forgiven us for taking her up to the Outlet stores. How was I supposed to know that there was a Villeroy and Boch store out there?)

Having my Mom here made everything a LOT easier and I had a pretty hard time of it when she left. But before she did, we took pictures!


We no longer have a guest bed, so the night before Grandma got here, we bought an air-mattress for her to sleep on and set it up downstairs in the living room. Grandma said it was pretty comfortable, but I think Kylie appreciated it more than anybody. She thought it was the funnest thing to play on since the last time we had empty cardboard boxes in the house <grin> Of course, she did manage to tumble off once and hit her head on a plug-outlet. Luckily she didn't crack open her head. Unluckily, she did crack the outlet. Daffy little girl.


During a performance of "Itsy, Bitsy Spider".


Grandma and her Grandbabies. (Some of them, at least.)


Despite an inauspicious beginning, I think Kylie really is rather fond of Sammy. She loves patting his head, though we have to watch this since she'll get so excited that patting his head mutates into patting his face, which is not so good. The refrain in our house these days is "Gentle! Gentle!"


Mommy and her Sammy.

Wherein We Introduce to the World a Funky Raisin

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Forrest Samuel was born on July 8 at 12:37 PM and was promptly christened by his father as "The Funky Raisin". He weighed 7 lb 1 oz, and was 19.25 inches in length. And yes, I know it's been three plus weeks since he was born, but life with a newborn AND a toddler is a little chaotic. But everyone's doing fine, Sammy's growing big and strong, and I'm mostly recovered from my c-section. And at last, here are some pictures.

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Taking his first breath in the mean, cruel world.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Sammy. (And in Mommy's defense, she'd just had major surgery, so forgive the frumpiness.)

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Mommy and Sammy, sharing a moment.

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It's funny, but from the very beginning he was different from Kylie. I don't remember Kylie ever looking quite as worried as Sammy does. Of course, considering that he's got a very demanding older sister, he might be right to be a little apprehensive.

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Kylie's first introduction to Sammy was not auspicious, though that was partly our fault. Kyle tried to sit her down and put Sammy in her lap. The thing with Kylie is that her independent streak is a mile long. If it's not her idea, she's convinced it's a bad idea. So she took one look at Sammy, burst into tears, and proceeded to throw a min-temper-tantrum. It took her about a day to get used to him, and now the problem is keeping her away. <sigh> It's always one thing or another, isn't it?

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Sammy and Grandma

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One Day Old.

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