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So when my Mom was here for Kylie's blessing, she was kind enough to buy Kylie a gift of an activity mat -- the kind that has arching bars and toys attached so that the baby has stuff to look at and try to touch and (in the case of my daughter) try to kick. Her aim isn't always right on, but she puts lots of power behind each attempt. I think when she's older, we might have to have Aunt Margaret demonstrate some soccer moves.

She's also begun to turn over and move around a bit more. She always turns on her right side, usually by lifting her legs in the air and then throwing her whole body over. Kylie also manages to move while still on her side, usually in a circle, so that it looks like she's break-dancing very, very slowly. Then she spits up over everything and smears her face to indicate she's done. Good thing the mat is washable!

Speaking of which, must do laundry (again) tonight.


Wherein Kylie is Blessed

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We blessed Kylie last Sunday (June 8, 2007) and everything went wonderful. We had in the circle Kyle, Travis (Kyle's brother), my Dad, Jason (Kyle's brother-in-law), Grandpa Anderson, Gary (Kyle's uncle), and Justin (Jason's brother -- which makes him Kylie's uncle's brother). Little Tara (Erin and Jason's new daughter who's six weeks and one day younger than Kylie) was also blessed.

Kylie went with my Mom during Sunday School and had her first ever bottle of formula. She seemed to do fine with it, but when she spit-up it stained more than usual <sigh>. I wish we could have learned that lesson when she was NOT wearing her pretty blessing dress. Luckily for me, my amazing mother-in-law came over after church and got out the stain. So all is well that rinses well, or something like that. <grin>

Wherein a Daddy Reads to his Baby

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Kylie and her father, reading a bedtime story.

Wherein Pictures of Kylie Marie are Posted

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In her swing, looking at her "higher power" as Kyle calls it (otherwise known as a small concave mirror.)




Playing with her boppy.


Completely conked out.

Wherein the film Ratatouille is Discussed

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This weekend, Kyle, Kylie, and I went and saw Ratatouille, the new Disney/Pixar film. Lots of fun, very highly recommended. (Actually, has Pixar done a bad film yet?) The basic story is about a Rat who has an amazing talent for cooking, but as Kyle said, it's really the story of an artist discovering himself. Pixar's good about doing films that are engaging for all age groups.

The film is directed by Brad Bird, who also directed the Incredibles. I recently rewatched the Incredibles while I was feeding Kylie (I think putting a dvd player and small TV in the nursery was one of Kyle's most brilliant ideas so far.) Well, to be honest, I watched it three times, once just as a film, once with the director's commentary, and then once with the animators' commentary. So having listened to the animator's talk about what was a challange in that film, it made me a lot more aware of some of the amazing advances they made in Ratatouille. Some of the hardest things for digital animation to recreate is hair and clothes and they did an amazing job. I'm really looking forward to the DVD and the "making of" featurettes I'm sure the studio will include.

Kylie behaved EXTREMELY well, which had me much relieved. (Being with a crying baby in a crowded theater is one of my worst nightmares.) She slept through most of the previews and I simply put her to the breast when she woke up, the darkened movie theater preserving the modesties. <grin> There was twice in the movie when something would startle me and I'd jump, which would make her jump, and after she'd give me the most reproachful expression, like "what are you doing interrupting my meal here?" When she was done, she simply sat on my lap for the rest of the film. I think she liked the moving colors and the ambiance. Such a good baby.

Wherein a Welcome is Posted and a Blog Begun

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Welcome to the blog of Kyle, Katharine, and Kylie Anderson. Here is a place for us to give updates on what's going on in our lives. We'll be uploading pictures, updates on our various projects, and just rambling on from time to time.

Thanks for coming to see us!

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