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Wherein the Webcomic Girl Genius is Discussed

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So in my web ramblings, I recently came across my now favorite webcomic ever. It's called Girl Genius, a 'Gaslamp Fantasy' by Studio Foglio and I heart it all over the place. It has mad scientists and cute undead monsters and steampunk machinery and victorian lingerie, so how can you go wrong?

An interesting sidenote is that Studio Foglio is a husband and wife team who have been doing comics for a long time and are actually making a living out of it! They spent quite a few years producing actual comics (32 page quarterly version, which were compiled into graphic novels) with a circulation of about 8000 which, for an independent comic, is pretty amazing. They decided to go online about a year or two ago, offer all of the comics available for free, and then publish the compiled graphic novels once a year. They estimate that since they went online, their readership has increased to about 150,000 and they're selling about 5 times as much as they were before.

Basically, they're doing what Kyle and I want to do, just a few years ahead of us.

I do feel I should warn you that since Girl Genius has been going on for about 5 or 6 years now, there is a very large archive to get through. Or, for those of you who live in Utah, you can probably order the paper versions from the library since the library there is pretty good at keeping independent comics in the stacks. Or buy them and then send the copies to me! <laugh> Yeah, when it comes to stuff I love, I'm pretty shameless.


Kylie thinks you should read Girl Genius too! Spread the love, man, spread the love!

Wherein the film Ratatouille is Discussed

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This weekend, Kyle, Kylie, and I went and saw Ratatouille, the new Disney/Pixar film. Lots of fun, very highly recommended. (Actually, has Pixar done a bad film yet?) The basic story is about a Rat who has an amazing talent for cooking, but as Kyle said, it's really the story of an artist discovering himself. Pixar's good about doing films that are engaging for all age groups.

The film is directed by Brad Bird, who also directed the Incredibles. I recently rewatched the Incredibles while I was feeding Kylie (I think putting a dvd player and small TV in the nursery was one of Kyle's most brilliant ideas so far.) Well, to be honest, I watched it three times, once just as a film, once with the director's commentary, and then once with the animators' commentary. So having listened to the animator's talk about what was a challange in that film, it made me a lot more aware of some of the amazing advances they made in Ratatouille. Some of the hardest things for digital animation to recreate is hair and clothes and they did an amazing job. I'm really looking forward to the DVD and the "making of" featurettes I'm sure the studio will include.

Kylie behaved EXTREMELY well, which had me much relieved. (Being with a crying baby in a crowded theater is one of my worst nightmares.) She slept through most of the previews and I simply put her to the breast when she woke up, the darkened movie theater preserving the modesties. <grin> There was twice in the movie when something would startle me and I'd jump, which would make her jump, and after she'd give me the most reproachful expression, like "what are you doing interrupting my meal here?" When she was done, she simply sat on my lap for the rest of the film. I think she liked the moving colors and the ambiance. Such a good baby.

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