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Wherein Kylie Sits Up All By Herself

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It might not last very long, but she can definitely sit up by herself now. She does it best when sitting on Mommy's knees (probably because I can shift around to help her keep her balance) but even on the ground she can support herself at least for a while. She tends to end up doing a face-plant, sometimes on her belly, and sometimes hunched over like she was a yoga master. Wish I could be that flexible again.


The standing, we still need some help with. <grin>

Wherein Kylie Looks Pretty Against Blue

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Just some random pictures I took a while back.


Kylie looks surprised.


And a little wistful. What do you think she's thinking?

Wherein Kylie Appreciates her Grandmothers

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It's very true that without her grandmothers, Kylie would have nothing to wear. Her Nana (Kyle's Mom) has wonderful taste and loves to see her granddaughters not only look pretty (which of course, they do naturally) but look nicely-dressed as well. If anyone has every admired the bows that Kylie's wearing in a lot of her pictures, they're gifts from her Nana.

Her Grandma (Katharine's Mom) recently sent Kylie a pretty new Sunday dress, but unfortunately Grandma does not live close enough to see how Kylie looks in it. So here's a picture of Kylie in her Sunday dress dedicated to both of her wonderful Grandmothers.


Wherein the Benefits of Fridays are Discussed

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My favorite day is definitely Friday. You see, Fridays are not only one of my days off, it's my day off with another day off after it. So, if I don't get the laundry done like I meant to? That's okay -- I still have Saturday! On Fridays I can laze around, go into digressions, do a two-hour tutorial just because I'm curious, whatever I want to. Fridays rock.

And in other news, here are some random pictures of my beautiful daughter who's getting bigger all the time.

Gold Kylie.jpg

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