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Wherein Katharine Rambles About Food

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Food makes me paranoid.

Especially since I have a toddler (and, as an aside, before Kylie I really didn't realize why the phrase "toddler" is so appropriate, but seeing her lurch from side to side like a sailor on a drunken bender, it's all become clear. But I digress...) food has become my nemesis. Not only am I paranoid about what's appropriate to feed her and how much and such, she also has become an incredibly picky eater over the last few months and has decided she'd like to subsist on a diet of milk and occasional apple juice if she's in the mood and I put it into a bottle.

This can be very discouraging.

Part of the problem is that I've always had anxiety about cooking in general. I don't enjoy it. Or, more accurately, I don't enjoy the time it takes. I have all the attention span of a caffeinated-squirrel and I have a bad habit of picking up a book while I'm waiting for a pot to come to a boil, only to realize a chapter later that my stove is on fire. This is not a good thing.

Also, it can be very stressful trying to cook for someone else (i.e. a husband). Because while I might be willing to try something new or even eat something that I've ruined, he might not be in the same mood. And then there's the "I've just got home from work and am tired and don't want to think about food" mood and the "I've just spend all day with a frenetic toddler and don't want to think about food" mood and... well, you get the idea.

I'd like to be a good cook, I really would. I think the first thing I need to do is to change my attitude -- telling myself I will always be a bad cook is probably a self-fulfilling prophecy. And I really want my family to be eating healthily (see this frightening series about childhood obesity in the Washington Post if you'd like some more anxiety in your day) and then there's the frugal nature of eating in, which I've also been thinking about lately. So, conquering my fear is a necessity.

Any suggestions?

Wherein Someone Else's Words Are Borrowed

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From Spliz


Wherein A Mess Occurs

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Well. Here we go again. Once again I found myself with software that needed updating. And once again everything has gone crashing <sigh>. I'm hoping to recover our previous entries, but it might take some time. So please, be patient and forgive me!

Wherein Kat Bemoans Software

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I know it's been a long time since we've seen some new pictures on this blog. Sorry, sorry, sorry! It's all my fault. You see...

I was reading about how it's good to take pictures in raw format with digital cameras since it gives you more editing capability while still keeping the quality very high. (A good thing, because our pictures tend to come out kinda dark at first. Probably because we keep taking them when we're inside. Probably because we're always inside. Probably because we're actually a family of vampires. Bet you didn't know that, huh. <grin>) So I spend about two weeks taking pictures using the .nef format of our Nikon, ONLY TO FIND the photoshop version we had won't convert them. <pout> So, therein started a journey of installing new software, dealing with the fact that it's been about 5 years since I bought my computer and technology has marched on in the meantime, and basically having everything crash. A few times. <sigh>

Well, I'm back up now -- mostly -- and I can finally access those pictures I took! Much rejoicing all around and now I need to actually start posting them.

I also designed a webpage for Salon Io. Feel free to look and tell me what you think. (And if you see typos -- let me know! We actually had the website up for about a week before a client pointed out that I'd put in the phone number as (201) instead of (210). My bad!)

And last, but not least, here's Kylie sleeping in her favorite place -- her swing.


Wherein Software is Updated

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Sometimes I really wonder at my masochistic streak.

Movabletype (the software which powers this blog) just barely finished the beta'ing for its new release and officially announced that Movabletype 4.0 was ready to roll on Wednesday. So of course I decided to spend part of my day off upgrading to the new version. And then I proceeded to spend the *rest* of my day off, trying to figure out how to fix the stuff that was no longer working <sigh>. It's now freakin'-early-in-the-morning (and yes, that is the technical term) and everything is working - well enough.

So don't mind the new look, it probably won't be there for long, and for those of you who know nothing about computer and software and programming and are proud of it -- I really, really envy you.

(p.s. Does anyone else out there ALWAYS get the difference between "its" and "it's" wrong on a first draft? It is my punctuational waterloo. <grin>)

Wherein a Welcome is Posted and a Blog Begun

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Welcome to the blog of Kyle, Katharine, and Kylie Anderson. Here is a place for us to give updates on what's going on in our lives. We'll be uploading pictures, updates on our various projects, and just rambling on from time to time.

Thanks for coming to see us!