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Wherein Kylie Receives her First Haircut

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When Kylie was born, she had almost no hair except for this very dark, long, tail at the back, just above her neck, like a minature mullet-in-the-making. Then, as her hair began to grow out, she would get these incredible long strands on the very top, twice as long as everything else, that would wave in the wind. I was always thinking they were loose hairs from me and yanking at them and cause poor Kylie to cry out in protest. So, last Saturday, her Daddy gave Kylie her very first haircut and now everything is much more uniform. <grin> Afterwords, Kylie and Mommy read their before-bedtime-book, "Good Night Moon". I'm not sure that Kylie really understands what I'm holding in front of her, but I think she likes the rocking if nothing else. <grin>


Getting Ready


Good thing Dad is a professional!


It's hard to get the stuff in the back when you can't sit up yet!


Our evening routine

Wherein Photos are Manipulated

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One of my late-night hobbies is playing around with Adobe Photoshop. I like to find tutorials to play around with and see how the effects come out on my own photos. So here are some examples.


This is an example of the effect found in "The Bourne Identity" movie poster The picture is from April 27, 2007 in San Marcos. It's actually the first outing we took with Kylie Marie.


This tutorial was described as a high-contrast effect. I like the little bit of noise which gives it some texture. And of course, it's always nice to see pictures with my two favorite people in the world. <grin>


This is an example of me trying to do some corrections on a picture. I love the expression on Kylie's face in this photo but it had some problems. The first picture is how it came out originally -- very dark and with a serious color cast. The two pictures underneath are examples of corrections I did. The middle one is trying to get a natural look while the last is a little more arty.

Wherein Kylie Smiles Singly and with her Mommy

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I think Kylie's ears make her look like an elf. Or a goblin. One of those two. <grin>


Mommy and Baby.

Wherein Kylie and Tara Pose Together

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So, the Sunday before last Sunday (Gah! How does time go so fast?) we dressed up the girls in their blessing outfits again and took some beautiful pictures. It's not easy taking pictures of multiple babies -- you get one smiling and the other is either grimacing or sobbing. <laugh< But I think we got some good ones -- we put a few in frames for Glenda's birthday which was a definite hit.<laugh>

On a side note, I still adore Kylie's blessing dress. We found it at a little shop called Bambinos that Erin recommended. Right now it's hanging on Kylie's closet door with a big pink floppy bow on top of a hook. Easy decorating!


And last but not least...


(Because it's the responsibility of every parent to have at least a few pictures that will embarrass a child before potential suitors. <grin> )

Wherein Software is Updated

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Sometimes I really wonder at my masochistic streak.

Movabletype (the software which powers this blog) just barely finished the beta'ing for its new release and officially announced that Movabletype 4.0 was ready to roll on Wednesday. So of course I decided to spend part of my day off upgrading to the new version. And then I proceeded to spend the *rest* of my day off, trying to figure out how to fix the stuff that was no longer working <sigh>. It's now freakin'-early-in-the-morning (and yes, that is the technical term) and everything is working - well enough.

So don't mind the new look, it probably won't be there for long, and for those of you who know nothing about computer and software and programming and are proud of it -- I really, really envy you.

(p.s. Does anyone else out there ALWAYS get the difference between "its" and "it's" wrong on a first draft? It is my punctuational waterloo. <grin>)

Wherein Kylie Contemplates her Toes (Actively)

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DSC_0050 copy.JPG

What are you looking at?


A Girl and Her 'Gators...

(I would also like to take this moment to reassure nervous relatives that no, Kylie does not sleep with stuffed animals surrounding herself because all the parenting books say this is a Bad Thing and we don't do Bad Things at la Casa del Andersons. We just seize moments for Photo Shoots <grin>)

DSC_0063 copy.jpg

Kylie takes after her mother and looks good in hats.


Kylie and her Daddy relaxing after a long day at work.

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