Wherein We Celebrate Daddy's Birthday

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One of the nice things about living in San Antonio, is that even in October, the weather is pretty nice. Kyle's birthday is on October 13 and to celebrate, we had an adventure at the zoo. Kylie had a blast -- a place where she can shriek and run around and no one objects! A child's paradise.

We did have a bit of a scare where it appeared that Kyle had lost his wallet (nothing like the thought of replacing all your credit cards to put a damper on the day!) but all turned out well when we found in in the parking lot by the car's trunk. So we went back into the zoo, only to run into the Spencers! So Kylie and Tara got to have fun together and, all in all, the day was a success. Go Mommy for organizing everything!

(And here's a thank-you to Nana for watching Kylie and Sammy later that night when Kyle and I went out to eat at the Melting Pot Considering that my children do not like sleeping, it was a more arduous task than she expected. But what do you expect from a family of vampires?)


Starting off the day, well-prepared! (Though we did end up going back to the car to leave a few things behind.)


Mommy and Kylie and random fake fossils.


Kylie, Running.


Kylie and Daddy, with Alligator in the background


This was taken at Kylie Marie's favorite exhibit, which is partly underwater, so everything appears kinda blue. It was very cool.


My Beautiful Girl


One of the other neat things about the San Antonio Zoo is their petting zoo. They have the most darling miniature goats. Though Kylie was more interested in the brushes than in the actual animals at least to start with.


But once she go the idea, I think she thought they were kinda cool. Though Mommy insisted on using a ton of wipes afterwords.

It was a wonderful day. Sorry it took me two months to blog about it!

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