Wherein Kylie and Sammy Play Together (Two Months Ago)

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<Insert numerous apologies about how I know I'm behind and I'm sorry I'm behind and I'm really trying hard not to be behind which I think is somehow contributing to the being behind in an "I really can't take my life anymore!" kind of way. Now back to the pictures. Thank you.>

Two months ago. Kylie is 17 months and Sam is 2 months.


Playing together! Though with adult supervision. Mommy thinking oh this is so cute, Kylie please don't kill your brother, adult supervision.


Big Yawn!


I took a photo of Sammy I liked and an online tutorial ('cause I'm geeky this way) and made a wallpaper for my computer. It's actually still up, which is a bit of a record for me, since I tend to change my pictures every few weeks. But I like this one.

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