Wherein Sammy Turns One Month Old

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On Friday, Sammy was one month old. It's amazing how fast time flies. In honor of the occasion, I took pictures. And look, I'm posting them sooner than one week! We'll pause for all the 'thuds' of people fainting in shock <grin>.


Sammy asleep. (If only I could convince him to do it as well at night...)


Kylie and Sammy sharing a moment.


Kylie getting ready for her eventual DJ career.


Rolling on the floor together


Sammy's close-up


Kylie practicing with her stroller.


Enjoying the day.


What a couple of cute kids. We have yet to post any pictures of our little Luke. We'll get some up soon, we're still trying to get our life back in order (if that's even possible). We'll probably be coming out to San Antonio for Scotty's wedding. It'll be fun to see you all there!

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