Wherein Kylie and Sammy Pose in Honor of Daddy

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One thing Kyle and I do is homemade cards for birthday and stuff. So for Kyle's birthday, my idea was to get a picture of the kids looking nice that I could use to make a card. I learned a few things from this experience.
One: children will always change their expression in that split second between when your finger descends on the shutter and the picture actually snaps.
Two: taking pictures of two children with no helpers is crazy-hard.
Three: my kids are cute enough that it all turned out all right anyways (and me taking about 50 shots helped also). Thank goodness <grin>

For those keeping track, these were taken October 10, 2008. Kylie is in her Sunday dress her Nana bought her, and Sammy is in his blessing outfit.


This is the picture I used for the card. Aren't they beautiful!


Kylie and Sam, sharing a moment. (Kylie is poking and Sam is enduring. Pretty typical, really <grin>.)


Trying to keep Kylie in one place was a bit of a challenge. That is one squirmy girl I have! I took this picture right before she dived off the couch, and spent the next fifteen minutes trying to keep her hands off of the camera.


My beautiful boy.

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